March 2017 – Animal Rescue App

Watch the animals come to life in this clear, clean, brightly-coloured book app!

Rescue the animals and reunite them with their family, friends and habitat.

An elephant is unhappy in the circus and wants to go back to its mother. A turtle is trapped in a net but wants to lay its eggs on the shore. Some pigs are trapped in a truck but want to go back to their field. Simply turn the page to rescue them! Read it like a book or press the animal button to take you to your favourite page. Watch the buttons light up as you rescue an animal and collect them all to start over.

This is a bright, colourful and simple app with no words, no language barriers. Easy to navigate, giving the child a sense of empowerment and control as they rescue each animal. Clear repetition and real life sound effects and engaging animation reinforce an environmental message and teach young children about respect, natural bonding, friendships and how to connect with nature.

But above all, it is fun!

Realistic page-turn functionality
Interactive buttons
Animated animals
Real-life animal noises and ambient environmental soundscapes
Details on every page which will reward you with every game play
Clear repetition to reinforce the message
No words – no language barriers

30 second preview of game play:

Customer Reviews
“The aim of Animal Rescue is to reunite animals on each page with their friends and family, sending them back to their natural habitat. As animals are rescued the buttons light up and the game looks just so happy – Little Man loved the sense of accomplishment each time an animal was saved and he really felt like he was doing a good deed. He loved being able to use the app completely by himself, not needing any help and it really empowered him to keep playing and keep saving those animals – all by himself. By using Animal Rescue Little Man has learnt more about animals, where they come from and the reasons they may be separated from their friends and family or taken from their natural habitats. Little Man has really enjoyed using Animal Rescue and it’s so much like a book that it can be enjoyed again and again – he’s literally used Animal Rescue every day since we first downloaded it.” What the Redhead said (ranked #6 Tots 100 UK parent blogs)

Books_5Stars“Bold and beautiful!”
“My 4 year old daughter Phoebe loves this app! She has several Patrick George books (including Animal Rescue) and really enjoys being able to have this interactive version to play with. The colours are bold and bright, and the sound effects are great. Phoebe loves being able to turn the pages and flit around as she pleases, looking at all the different animals and beautiful animations. A little game to play would really compliment this app nicely.” App Store customer.

Books_5Stars“Animal Rescue by Patrick George is one of my favourite books for young children and this app is a terrific spin-off. It is perfect for young children, with Patrick George’s stunning graphics and although it is a lot of fun, it has a clear and touching moral message about our world and how things really should be, for the animals we share with. Love it.” App Store customer.

iPhone, iPad and Android
Released: March 10, 2017
Made for Ages 5 and under

Creative: Patrick George
Developer: Chris Hipgrave
Sound: Filipe Gomes

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Twitter: @PatrickGeorge2

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