“A great resource for developing visual literacy skills” – Animal Rescue review, Children’s Books Ireland

Clear, uncluttered pictures and a clever design have practically become synonymous with the publishing output of PatrickGeorge. Their latest title, Animal Rescue, doesn’t disappoint. It presents the young reader/listener with a dozen animals put in dire situations through inconsiderate human activities such as intensive fishing, trophy hunting, battery farming, zoo keeping and so on. On each double-page spread, the simple act of turning an acetate page enables the reader/listener to ‘rescue’ an animal by transporting it from, say, its reincarnation as a pair of boots, back to its natural habitat. The best ‘rescues’ are those where you can’t quite guess the end result before you’ve actually turned the page, such as the spread dedicated to the fox.
Wordless, Patrick George’s Animal Rescue avoids being over-didactic by allowing readers to make up their own narratives and draw their own conclusions. This also makes it a great resource for developing visual literacy skills, and works well with the very young.

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