A preview of the fantastic new ‘Animal Rescue’ book…

Though it’s not released yet (the book has just gone out to print this very week) we were lucky enough to get a preview of the next title from Patrick George and it’s a subject very dear to our hearts. Using that fantastic method of engagement in previous PG books (with transparent pages / overlays that children can ‘flip’ to completely change the story and images) in a rather genius way, Animal Rescue is a fun book with a very serious message.

With 50p from each purchase of the book going to the Born Free Foundation, “Animal Rescue” introduces the subject of animal welfare to children who, at a very early age, can still learn important lessons about how we can work together to conserve species, protect animals and highlight some of the issues the Born Free foundation was first set up for.

Each bold and brilliant page spread (with the acetate overlay pages) works ingeniously to highlight the difference between an animal in captivity / being mistreated, and that animal in its natural habitat or being cared for.

We previewed the book as a PDF copy on the iPad, and even there we could flip between the images to get an overall impression of how it’s all going to work – so it’s easy to imagine the level of engagement from children who are going to absolutely LOVE ‘freeing’ the animals as the book continues.

Both Charlotte and I had our own favourite spreads. Charlotte absolutely loved a spread where a puppy is seen unceremoniously dumped in a dustbin, out in the rain while a lonely little girl sits at home. Flipping the page cleverly overlays puppy on girl’s shoulder for a big cuddle! Awww!

I thought the Killer Whale spread was extremely well observed and timely too.

The fact that the book contributes to such a worthy cause is fantastic. It’s something that does stick in the mind too even if your children are fairly young, and it has struck a chord with Charlotte – who absolutely loves animals and is old enough to think about the message the book gently (but expertly) conveys without being too disturbing or jarring.

It’s all so brilliantly done and we can’t stop gushing about it, so can’t wait for finished copies to arrive in little laps. If you’ve seen our previous reviews of The Book of the Five Senses and also When I grow up you’ll already be hopping up and down with excitement about “Animal Rescue”.

Available very soon from Patrick George Publishing. Don’t miss it!

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