‘Animal Rescue’ by picturebooksblogger

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Animal Rescue by Patrick George allows you, the reader, to become an animal rescue hero.

It’s a gentle, yet incredibly poignant, introduction to the importance of animal welfare for the younger reader and allows them to choose the right habitat for each animal.

Each page is vivaciously vibrant with pops of colour, undoubtedly appealing to young and emerging readers.

This wordless story invites you to be your own narrator and decide upon which words are right for you.

With the simple but ingenious use of transparent pages, it magically transforms the animal from a clearly inappropriate scenario to a much more appropriate habitat to for the animal, in a non-threatening way. With a turn of the the page we can save our living creature from its awful fate.

I shared this book with a group of children aged 4-5 years old and it was a great introduction to animal welfare for a much younger audience.

The simple, clear artwork allowed us to focus on the main point of each page and the children could clearly identify the right and wrong scenario for each animal.

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