Award win for PatrickGeorge

My illustration for GreenSource Magazine in the US has won the ‘commissioned illustration’ award from The Society of Publication Designers (SPD) annual illustration competition, SPOTS – a separate competition that the Society sponsors each year to champion the use of small-space commissioned illustrations (called ‘spot illustrations’) in editorial publications.

Clear and Present Danger – an illustration accompanying an article about the effort to make large glass-clad buildings more visible and thus less dangerous for migrating birds.

Judging took place in April of this past year and the panel of judges was a distinguished group of editorial art directors that included the Design Director of The New York Times Magazine, Arem Duplessis, The Design Director of Metropolis magazine, Dunjai Pungauthaikan, Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister Design, Tim O’Quinn of Money magazine, and information graphics guru Nicholas Felton. The competition was chaired by Criswell Lappin of Farenheit 212, former DD of Metropolis magazine. It is published in the Society’s Annual book of the best editorial design, photography, and illustration of 2010.

Many thanks to Francesca Messina and Ted Keller at GreenSource for the commission.

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