Planet Rescue

Plastic waste? Pollution? Saving energy? How do you explain this to a young child? This is a book of fun and practical transformations that will help make our world a greener place. Simply turn the transparent pages to see the benefits on each spread. Children love to control the action!


“Showing kids how to be kinder to our planet never looked more stylish and was never more cleverly executed than in this brilliant book!”

Selected by the BookTrust as part of their free Special School Library Packs – 1,300 copies were sent out to schools around the UK to support students in reading for enjoyment, discussing books and developing a long-term love of reading.

• Empik competition for the Best Children’s Book in Poland

ISBN: 9781908473158
Published by PatrickGeorge
Age: 3+
52pp (11 transparent)
220 x 200 mm

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