A drove of bullocks

A compilation of animal collective nouns
A litter of kittens, a train of camels, a pride of lions: these are some of the animal collective nouns you may already know. But have you heard of a parcel of hogs, an embarrassment of pandas or a business of ferrets? Then turn the pages of this book to discover a collection of lesser-known and sometimes more fanciful ones…

A cloud of bats

A parade of elephants

A mob of meerkats

A quiver of cobras

A skulk of foxes

An embarrassment of pandas

A kennel of dogs

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The United Kingdom Literary Association newsletter
“For children (and all teachers of literacy and/art) there were two beautifully produced books about words, images and colours which defy description. A filth of starlings and A drove of bullocks (both published by PatrickGeorge) are well worth seeking out. They could inspire magical language or art work with youngsters as well as being absorbing to read alone or – better still – alongside a friend to share thoughts about each page.”

Wendy Cooling MBE
“Collective nouns have always been slightly crazy but two great new books, A filth of starlings and A drove of bullocks take it all a step further. These splendidly designed books are for art departments as well as English departments and should be in every school – yes, secondary too. The stunningly original graphics illustrate collective nouns old and new – I love ‘A flamboyance of flamingos’ and ‘An implausibility of gnus’ and, and… How rare it is to find books that are a joy to browse through, that can be looked at again and again – and if learning there must be, are great for growing vocabulary and creative thinking.”

Title: A drove of bullocks (second edition revised)
ISBN: 978-1-9084730-3-5
Dimensions: 48pp, 215.9mm x 279.4mm, paperback
Published: 10 September 2012

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