A filth of starlings

A compilation of bird collective nouns
A flock of geese, a murder of crows, a parliament of owls: these are some of the bird collective nouns you may already know. But have you heard of a bouquet of pheasants, a chime of wrens or a circus puffins? Then turn the pages of this book to discover a collection of lesser-known and sometimes more fanciful ones…

A descent of woodpeckers

A paddling of ducks

A confusion of guinea fowl

A murder of crows

A parliament of owls

A chime of wrens

A huddle of penguins

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The Times – Amanda Craig reviews two children’s books with magical illustrations
“A filth of starlings and A drove of bullocks are compilations of animal group names, brilliantly exploited by PatrickGeorge. If you think that these are too sophisticated for a child of 6+, think again. From a parliament of owls, whose eyes are made up of two Big Ben clock faces, to a pod of dolphins (listening to iPods), a school of whales (a schoolmasterly face with a whale’s tail forming moustache and tie), these are stylish, witty visual puns. They are books to read and explain, but the elegance with which each picture is drawn would work on T-shirts or calendars.” 05/11/2009.

Derek Birdsall RDI
“Following in the tradition of Lionni, Rand and Chermayeff, these books (A drove of bullocks and A filth of starlings) are finally designed for today’s younger generation and not least some adults.”

KK Outlet
“Just like my first Star Trek film, I couldn’t take my eyes off this book (A filth of starlings). Designed and created by PatrickGeorge this book not only teaches you about animal group names, it also has some beautiful design ideas in every page.”
By Blake Waters, copywriter, KK Outlet.

Title: A filth of starlings (second edition revised)
ISBN: 978-1-9084730-2-8
Dimensions: 48pp, 215.9mm x 279.4mm, paperback
Published: 10 September 2012

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