Animal Rescue

This is a book in which you become a rescue hero’. Simply turn the transparent page and rescue the animals! It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s a gentle introduction to the importance of animal welfare. There are no words in this book so you can choose the words which are right for you. 50p of the sale of each book will go to the Born Free Foundation.

Nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2016!


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Photography and original soundtrack by Filipe Gomes

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“We can only imagine what it is like to be a tiger, an elephant, a crocodile or a turtle. But we can understand why we need to rescue wild animals in need and protect them. That is what makes us human. This book should be the start of every child’s journey towards a more compassionate future.” Will Travers OBE, President of the Born Free Foundation
The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity founded by Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers and their eldest son Will Travers following Bill and Virginia’s starring roles in the classic film Born Free. Today, led by Will, the Foundation is devoted to wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation, working to save animal lives, stop suffering, rescue individuals and protect rare species. Our charity is determined to end captive animal exploitation, phase out zoos and keep wildlife in the wild. We take action for lions, elephants, gorillas, tigers, wolves, bears, dolphins, turtles and much more and work with local communities to find solutions to help people and wildlife live together without conflict. Find out more and get involved at

Born Free’s club for really wild kids:



thebabywebsite.comBooks_5Stars“We loved this book!”
Animal Rescue is a great book for teaching children to care for animals.
It was bold, colourful and the transparent pages create a fun experience.

I read the book with my 4 year old son and it’s safe to say it has become a favourite!
He read it 3 times in a row and then asked if he could read it to all of us and show us how to rescue the animals.

I like that it made him ask questions and he has been spreading the message and explaining to others how the animals feel.

Overall, a big success. I will definitely recommend this book to others.

Animal Rescue by Patrick George allows you, the reader, to become an animal rescue hero. It’s a gentle, yet incredibly poignant, introduction to the importance of animal welfare for the younger reader and allows them to choose the right habitat for each animal. Each page is vivaciously vibrant with pops of colour, undoubtedly appealing to young and emerging readers. This wordless story invites you to be your own narrator and decide upon which words are right for you.


With the simple but ingenious use of transparent pages, it magically transforms the animal from a clearly inappropriate scenario to a much more appropriate habitat to for the animal, in a non-threatening way. With a turn of the the page we can save our living creature from its awful fate.

I shared this book with a group of children aged 4-5 years old and it was a great introduction to animal welfare for a much younger audience. The simple, clear artwork allowed us to focus on the main point of each page and the children could clearly identify the right and wrong scenario for each animal.

Lauren St John
It’s a stunning book, so beautifully illustrated and produced, and with such an important message.

Fascinating and original.

Title: Animal Rescue
ISBN: 978-1-908473-12-7
Dimensions: 54pp (including 11 acetates), 220 x 200mm, landscape, hardback
Age: 3+
Published: 12 February 2015

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