I Taste…

What’s your favourite food? What tastes don’t you like? What does a squirrel like to eat?

Looking at popular foods, unpleasant tastes and how animals taste or what they eat, there is plenty to discuss in this book of creative imagery and ideas.

‘I Taste…’ is one of a series of books which aim to raise awareness in young children of the five senses in a light-hearted and humorous way. Contains two acetate pages.

Photography and original soundtrack by Filipe Gomes

Acetate spread:

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Inis Magazine
This a series of very colourful books, each based on one of the five senses. The illustrations are flat, bold, graphic, and minimalist in style. Each page in the I Hear book depicts a sound such as drums banging, a bird singing, footsteps, or a phone ringing. In I Taste we see a child eating peas or yummy ice creams.

The images are essentially a series of witty designer visual puns that have been assembled into ‘sense’ categories. For example in the I Smell book one page has the word ‘FISH’ and an image of a fisherman with a moustache in the shape of a fish tail.

There is one clever design feature in these books which is a transparent acetate page that, when turned, changes the image on the previous page. For example the concept of ‘NEAR’ and ‘FAR’ is demonstrated in the I See book using the acetate page so that a plane in the sky changes into a toy plane in a child’s hand.

Title: I Taste…
ISBN: 978-1-9084730-6-6
Dimensions: 36pp (including 2 acetates), 220 x 200mm, landscape, hardback
Age: 18 months+
Published: 18 June 2012

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