I Touch…

What feels nice to touch? Is it a fluffy puppy, a tickly feather or how about a prickly hedgehog or a slimy worm?

Through bright, colourful and creative imagery, familiar textures and sensations can be discussed in this simple yet deceptively clever book.

‘I Touch…’ is one of a series of books on the five senses which aim to raise awareness in young children in a light-hearted and humorous way. Contains two acetate pages.

Photography and original soundtrack by Filipe Gomes

Acetate spread:

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Inis Magazine
This a series of very colourful books, each based on one of the five senses. The illustrations are flat, bold, graphic, and minimalist in style. Each page in the I Hear book depicts a sound such as drums banging, a bird singing, footsteps, or a phone ringing. In I Taste we see a child eating peas or yummy ice creams.

The images are essentially a series of witty designer visual puns that have been assembled into ‘sense’ categories. For example in the I Smell book one page has the word ‘FISH’ and an image of a fisherman with a moustache in the shape of a fish tail.

There is one clever design feature in these books which is a transparent acetate page that, when turned, changes the image on the previous page. For example the concept of ‘NEAR’ and ‘FAR’ is demonstrated in the I See book using the acetate page so that a plane in the sky changes into a toy plane in a child’s hand.

Title: I Touch…
ISBN: 978-1-9084730-8-0
Dimensions: 36pp (including 2 acetates), 220 x 200mm, landscape, hardback
Age: 18 months+
Published: 8 October 2012

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