My Big Book of the Five Senses

What feels nice to touch? Is it a fluffy puppy or a tickly feather? Can you hear a bee buzzing or your heart beating? Or enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass or flowers? Do you know the difference between bitter and sour? Do you prefer the taste of something salty or sweet? Do things look different upside down or through a magnifying glass? What can you see in the clouds? The 5 senses are introduced through a collection of beautiful, colourful and funny pictures. Combining suggestion, visual trickery and surprise, these books take you on a voyage of visual discovery. They are packed full of ideas for discussion and aim to raise awareness of the 5 senses in an innovative way.

I touch…

I hear…

I smell…

I taste…

I see…


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Read It Daddy! blogspot
The illustrations flow together beautifully and children will enjoy finding all the ‘objects within objects’ in each scene.

CBI Recommended Reads 2012
The illustrations, (…), are focused on investigating different ways of seeing in a fun and imaginative manner. Ideas like reflections, magnification and illusion are examined in the bright pictures that contain plenty of potential for discussion.

Title: My Big Book of the Five Senses
ISBN: 978-1-9084731-1-0
Dimensions: 96pp, 215.9 x 279.4mm, portrait, hardback
Age: 3+
Published: 5 May 2014

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