Introduce your child to the world of opposites. A see-through page flipped back and forth will reveal all! Enjoy bold colours, appealing graphics and visual trickery by PatrickGeorge. This is a book for reading together with young children; designed to encourage conversation and visual interaction on each page.


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Nikki Gamble, Write Away
PatrickGeorge are quickly establishing themselves as a publisher of innovative, stylish graphic books with high production values.

The latest title ‘Opposites’ makes excellent use of the double page spread and flip over acetate to delight readers with a clever take on the concept of ‘opposite’. A big ball larger than a child becomes a small ball held between thumb and forefinger; an arrow pointing to the left becomes an arrow pointing to the right; a hot flame on a candle becomes a cold drip from a blue tap.


As a concept book, I would perhaps question some of the concepts: is rain actually the opposite of sunshine? But the effects are so cleverly achieved that I was more intrigued by the visual playfulness, than concerned about the conceptual accuracy. In truth I would be most inclined to share this book with older readers(9+) with a view to talking about colour, design and typography.

It’s good to see novelty features adding value to the text: the use of acetate is particularly apposite to the subject of this book. Too often flaps, pop-ups and other novelties are used routinely and unimaginatively. I look forward to seeing what Patrick George produce next. I hope they will continue to surprise and delight by finding innovative ways of expressing their ideas.

Parents In Touch
Opposites is just the right topic for this book from PatrickGeorge. 11 pairs of opposites each with a clear, acetate sheet between them which you flip to see the opposite. An apparently simple concept which works remarkably well. I think my favourite has to be the the bus queue for first and last, closely followed by the parrot in (or out) of his cage.The bold uncluttered illustrations are ideal for young children, who will find hours of entertainment in this book.

Title: Opposites
ISBN: 978-0-9562558-9-1
Dimensions: 52pp (including 11 acetates), 220 x 200mm, landscape, hardback
Age: 18 months+
Published: 10 February 2012

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