Follow the mysterious red box as it travels by air, over land, across the ocean, through night and day, on a journey through shapes. Just flip the transparent page back and forth to reveal the different shapes and watch the pictures underneath change…

This is a book for reading together with young children; designed to encourage conversation and visual interaction on each page.

“Hypnotically absorbing.” Sunday Telegraph, 27 November 2011, ‘Books for Christmas’

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Sunday Telegraph
The simple device of an acetate page between each spread turns ‘Shapes’ from a concept book for toddlers into something special. A semicircle that is a whale on one page flips over to become a railway tunnel, a green triangle becomes a tree that turns into a yellow pyramid. Hypnotically absorbing.

Library Mice
Rather than be a series of unconnected double-spreads, Shapes offers a narrative, as we follow a gift (a red square) from the airport all the way to its recipient and the discovery of what is hiding inside. The use of shapes on acetate here facilitates, and is part of, the storytelling. For example in the double spread below, we can see the truck transporting the gift driving past a pyramid, created by a triangle on the acetate, which then turns into a tree as the landscape changes on the next page:


This works beautifully and the story really needs no words. If anything, it encourages further interaction with the artwork by allowing young audiences and adult readers to make up their own stories. Shapes will also be a real treat for little readers who are keen on transport vehicles as there is a whole selection in this book.

Shapes and Colours might be suitable for 3+, but as with Opposites, their appeal goes way beyond that. Both my children are mesmerised by the visual tricks that the acetate paper facilitates. The combination of contemporary graphic design with child-friendly themes make these books particularly successful. They are beautiful enough that older children and adults will be find them attractive but the use of teddy bears, ice-cream and others will allow them to appeal to the targeted audience. Both books very much encourage interaction between adult and child and although many children will enjoy reading the books and experimenting with the acetate on their own, I think they also offer a great sharing experience.

thebabywebsite.comBooks_5Stars“My 3 year old loves this book and it is much more than just a ‘shape’ book as you can tell the story of the package.”

“This is actually a very clever book, and there is a story to it, as you are following the package being delivered. With prompts from Mummy, Kymmy discussed the ‘story’…and was intrigued as to what was in the box.”

“From the minute we got the book my daughter has not put it down. It is beautifully done with bright colourful pictures that draw the child in (and the parents!!). Very cleverly designed with see through pages that change the pictures on the other pages. Would recommend especially with Christmas coming up. Fantastic book.”

Parents in Touch
There is lots to talk about and children can try to guess what will be revealed when the clear page is turned. Simple, uncluttered and great fun.

Bookaholics book club
It’s an extremely clever idea that makes for double the fun with each book.

Title: Shapes
ISBN: 978-0-9562558-7-7
Dimensions: 52pp (including 11 acetates), 220 x 200mm, landscape, hardback
Age: 18 months+
Published: 12 September 2011

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