What’s in a name?

Here is a collection of vibrant and visually witty illustrations by PatrickGeorge: 100 boys and 100 girls names brought together in one compact little book.

Design Week
By Anna Richardson
“Oh, the joy of simple graphic representations. When they involve an effortless play on words, quirky typography and a dollop of humour, they are pure pleasure.

From Aaron to Will and Angie to Wendy, the names get an illustrative treatment by PatrickGeorge. They are revealed in a realignment of their letters, visually represented or just implied – making some enjoyably obvious and others tantalisingly obscure.”

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Title: What’s in a name?
ISBN: 978-0-9562558-3-9
Dimensions: 212pp, 120mm x 156mm, paperback
Published: 19 April 2010

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