‘I See…’ received a starred review in the May 13, 2013 issue of Publishers Weekly


In this sight-themed offering from this U.K.-based husband-and-wife design team, brief phrases continue the trailing sentence begun by the book’s title, accompanied by bold, graphic imagery. A black-on-red silhouette of a hand grasping a magnifying glass enlarges one of a dozen beetles (“…bigger through this”), while a transparent insert moves a pair of glasses from atop a small girl’s head to an older gentleman’s face (“And I can see… your smile!”). Visual cleverness is evident throughout (bats and clouds form an Escher-like pattern; a pair of “dark tunnels” resemble a face, complete with mischievous eyelashes), making this a delightful introduction to one of the five senses. Simultaneously available: I Smell…, I Taste…, I Hear…, I Touch… Ages 3–5.

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