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Men’s Health Magazine

A new shade of drey – Scientists found a newly decorated bedroom gives women the same emotional buzz as a lingering and passionate kiss.

Fix your love life – In a poll of 400 women 93% said finding a man who was good with his hands was a big plus point, more important than his performance in bed.

Grape expectations – Scientists have discovered that grape seeds contain antioxidant compounds that could help ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

A stealth attack on pain – The perfect prep for that heavy lifting session? A quick go on Black Ops 2. In a study volunteers were able to stomach moderate pain for 65% longer after playing a violent shooter game for 10 minutes.

Let passion brew – Scientists found that caffeine boosts the sex drive of female rats by stimulating the part of her brain that regulates arousal.

Soothe a sore throat – If the winter flu has left your throat feeling raw, try swapping your Lemsip for a cup of liquorice tea. In a study people who drank a brew containing this sweet root experienced significantly less pain.

Three times as many men commit suicide than women.

95% of all fatal work place accidents occur in men.

When taking hand-luggage, pick a rucksack. It spreads weight across your back and shoulders and prevents strains.

Once a week: the minimum quota for having sex if you want to avoid developing erectile dysfunction later in life.

Take a football to your summer BBQs. You can burn off the 370 calories of a burger with a 33 minute kickabout. Doing the same with Swingball takes considerably longer.

Cutting your carb intake will shrink your gut. In tests, a 12% drop resulted in 11% less belly fat after 16 weeks.

Get peeling to stay appealing. Tangerines are full of nobiletin, a flavonoid that slows the build-up of fat in the liver and stimulates fat-burning genes.

-421: the number of calories you can save by swapping your Original RecipeMeal at KFC for a Brazer Twister Wrap.

The increase in strength you’ll enjoy if you think of something that makes you angry while training.

Vitamin C: Slip this into your bottle of water when you exercise to increase your dopamine and serotonin boost and get a bigger ‘runner’s high’.

Nettles: The stinging plant that beats hay fever. So if you get stuck without tablets just wash and chop some leaves (don’t forget your gloves) and add them to chamomile tea.

2: How many cups of coffee you should drink each day for more powerful sperm.

Squeezing your diaphragm for 2 seconds in the lift boosts energy levels by 10%.

Drinking 1-4 shots of whisky once a week will boost antioxidants that protect your heart.

Shoes (stuffed with socks to help maintain their shape), books and other heavy items should be placed at the wheel end of your suitcase to prevent contents getting crushed when the case is upturned.

Dab peppermint oil on your pillow to wake up with more energy. Research shows it boosts alertness.

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