February 2019 – New book launching via Kickstarter on Feb 27!

Our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds towards printing our next book is now LIVE! Planet Rescue is relevant for any teacher, parent and environmental group who want to teach young children about respecting and working towards a greener planet in an interactive and fun way! It supports clear environmental goals such as clean air, clean and plentiful water, thriving plants and wildlife, sustainability and minimising waste. It’s a book full of clear, colourful illustrations, fun little details and a diverse range of characters.

Look inside: flip the transparent pages

March 2018 – Death of the last male northern white rhino

Tragically, the world’s last male northern white rhino died this month, which leaves just two females left on the entire planet. Poaching their horn for use in traditional Chinese medicine and our general disregard for nature has brought us to this point. IVF is now the only hope we have of avoiding letting this magnificent species slip through our fingers.

February 2018 – Poster for UN World Wildlife Day

Big cats: predators under threat
I was honoured to be asked by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to design the poster for this year’s United Nations World Wildlife Day (3 March), which aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. The theme for 2018 is “Big cats: predators under threat”. I wanted to show how fragile these seemingly powerful big cats are from the threats posed by climate change, poaching and habitat loss.

Over the past century we have been losing big cats, the planet’s most majestic predators, at an alarming rate. World Wildlife Day 2018 gives us the opportunity to raise awareness about their plight and to galvanize support for the many global and national actions that are underway to save these iconic species. Through World Wildlife Day big cats will generate the level of attention they all deserve to be sure they are with us for generations to come.

Available to buy from my Etsy shop.

January 2018 – Cover illustration for The Last Musketeer by Stuart Gibbs

‘On a family trip to Paris, fourteen-year-old Greg’s parents disappear – not just from the city, but from the century. So he travels through time to rescue them, assuming the identity of a young Musketeer in training, uniting with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis…’
HarperCollins, January 2018

Thanks to David Curtis at HarperCollins for the commission.

January 2018 – Poster for Persia Educational Foundation

While exhibiting recently at the Parasol unit book fair in London, I met Tahirih Danesh who was promoting the great work the Persia Educational Foundation does advancing education among Persian-speakers of all backgrounds worldwide, the majority of whom are women and girls in need of accessing education and improving their lives.

They have a wristband campaign designed to support a unique scholarship fund to award students between the ages of 11 to 15, who are interested and involved in character or civic education at their school or in their community. You can support them by purchasing their wristbands here.

January 2018 – Posters for Sea Shepherd

I was fortunate to meet Captain Peter Hammarstedt (Director of Campaigns for Sea Shepherd Global) when he visited my animal welfare exhibition, and he asked if I would be interested in creating some illustrations based on the work that Sea Shepherd is involved in. Here are a few that have been used recently to raise awareness of Sea Shepherd campaigns dealing with the Faroe Islands Grindadrap / Industrialized fishing operations / New Year’s Plastic-Free challenge.

January 2018 – New Scientist cover

New cover illustration for this month’s New Scientist magazine showing the brainy way to a healthy body: Forget the fads, here’s what you really need to know about exercise.

January 2018 – BBC Wildlife Magazine: Biodiversity

New illustration to accompany Dr Ross Piper’s article in the new issue of BBC Wildlife magazine on why we have barely scratched the surface of understanding life on Earth.

November 2017 – “Let’s Stick Together”

Drawings for Europe
The project was hatched by the Gruffalo’s co-creator, Axel Scheffler, and Markus Weber, head of the children’s book publisher Moritz Verlag, during a meeting on the day of the referendum. The idea was to create thought-provoking visions of Europe in response to Brexit. Drawings for Europe brings together 17 illustrators from across the continent in a project that aims to promote the strengths of the European community.

The illustrations will be exhibited from next week in Berlin at Germany’s Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Bundesarbeitsministerium). They are to be auctioned next year, the proceeds of which will go to Pulse of Europe, a pro-EU citizens’ initiative founded in Frankfurt in 2016.

Read the article in the Guardian here.

June 2017 – World Environment Day

Coming only a few days after Trump recklessly pulls the US out of the #ParisClimateAccord, June 5th is #WorldEnvironmentDay and provides a timely opportunity to encourage worldwide awareness and positive environmental action.

March 2017 – Brexit: Article 50 has been triggered

“Europe is not a market, it is the will to live together. Leaving Europe is not leaving a market, it is leaving shared dreams. We can have a common market, but if we do not have common dreams, we have nothing. Europe is the peace that came after the disaster of war. Europe is the pardon between French and Germans. Europe is the return to freedom of Greece, Spain and Portugal. Europe is the fall of the Berlin Wall. Europe is the end of communism. Europe is the welfare state, it is democracy.”
Esteban González Pons, Spanish MEP

February 2017 – International Polar Bear Day

Today is International Polar Bear Day, bringing our attention to the challenges polar bears face in a warming Arctic, and how we each can help.

Polar Bears International invite you to make it a global day of action by lowering your thermostat to reduce your carbon emissions and help polar bears.

November 2016 – Orange for Orangutans Day


Wednesday 9th November 2016 is Orange for Orangutan Day, organised by the London-based Orangutan Foundation. It’s part of #OrangutanAwarenessWeek which aims to draw attention to the challenges faced by these primates and their rainforest home. Orangutans are in a critical state as deforestation destroys their habitat for human activities such as palm oil plantations, illegal logging and mining.

November 2016 – World Vegan Day


November 1st promotes and expands awareness of the ethical, compassionate, health and environmental benefits of a vegan diet and lifestyle.

October 2016 – 17th CITES meeting in Johannesburg


Enjoyed the few days I had attending the CITES conference in Johannesburg. Witnessed first-hand how governmental organisations, animal protection groups, wildlife traders and scientists come together to debate what effect international trade of wild animals and plants has on the survival of the species in the wild. Met with inspirational people, who are fighting to change attitudes to protect wildlife from suffering and extinction including YouthForLions, Youth 4 African Wildlife (Y4AW), WildAid and Hong Kong Shark Foundation.

August 2016 – World Illustration Awards Exhibition 2016


Enjoyed the evening at Somerset House this week for the World Illustration Awards Exhibition 2016 – some great work and worthy winners. I had two pieces shortlisted this year with one, a commissioned piece for the Sunday Times Style Magazine on transgender issues, appearing in this show. The exhibition is held at Somerset House’s Embankment East Galleries from August 1-29 (free entry). It will then tour the UK throughout 2016-17.

July 2016 – #SharkAwarenessDay


To mark Shark Awareness Day, July 14th, here’s an illustration highlighting the issues surrounding shark fin soup. Finning involves cutting off the fins, whilst the remainder of the shark (usually still alive) is then discarded back into the ocean. Such is the demand for this delicacy that it’s causing a population decline which impacts on the ocean ecosystem. To learn more please read this article by Lauren Smith in The Guardian.

July 2016 – Wildlife Matters exhibition


This is my first solo exhibition, running at The Coningsby Gallery from 27 June – 9 July. The show comprises of new work created on the theme of animal welfare and a selection of commercial work for clients including Global Blue, GQ, Hilton Hotels, Lloyd’s of London, Microsoft, Sunday Times Style Magazine and Washington Post.

Working on my book Animal Rescue inspired me to create a new series of illustrations for a more adult audience for this exhibition, covering issues such as trophy hunting, shark fin soup and extinction. It includes a poster supporting the campaign for WildAid in their endeavour to make 2016 the first ever ‘Year of the Elephant’, in an attempt to stop the ivory trade and give elephants a real chance to recover from poaching and avoid extinction.

Also featuring is my winning design for the the UN’s World Wildlife Day poster competition organised by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES). 3rd March was World Wildlife Day, and this year’s theme is “The Future of Elephants is in Our Hands” and will be drawing attention to the plight of the Asian and African elephant.


The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London W1T 4RJ

June 2016 – illustration on Instagram


I’ve been struggling to find the time to keep this site updated with my latest illustrations so I’ve just created an Instagram account which I hope will become the best place see my portfolio and keep updated with new work hot off the press: patrickgeorge_illustration

February 2016 – #JoinTheHerd: Ending the ivory trade

I was approached by Grey London to contribute a poster to support the campaign they’ve created for WildAid in their endeavour to make 2016 the first ever ‘Year of the Elephant’, in an attempt to stop the ivory trade and give elephants a real chance to recover from poaching and avoid extinction. As China is the largest market for ivory, the campaign is being launched internationally in both English and Mandarin to coincide with the upcoming Chinese New Year, encouraging anyone who cares about elephants to #JoinTheHerd by changing their social media profile photo at YearoftheElephant.org


December 2015 – Nominations published for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2016

Excited to find out that Animal Rescue has been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2016 – awarded annually for an outstanding book in terms of illustration for children and young people. Will find out if it makes the rounds of shortlisting next year.

July 2015 – Dogs die in hot cars

With temperatures rising here’s a quick illo to remind us that a car can become as hot as an oven very quickly, even when it doesn’t feel that warm. When it’s 22 degrees, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees within the hour. Click here for advice from the RSPCA for what to do if you see a dog in distress.


June 2015 – Infographics for Boeing

Got to work with Bring Agency in Chicago on Boeing’s 2015 Environment Report. They needed a set of icons which appears with key pullout information throughout the report.


May 2015 – International Turtle Day

May 23, World Turtle Day, was started by American Tortoise Rescue, to bring attention to turtle conservation issues and highlight ways each of us can help protect these gentle but threatened animals. Many land, freshwater, and sea turtles are substantially affected by habitat loss and the pet trade, not to mention the food and traditional medicine industries. Many turtle species also suffer from the effects of pollution as well as from the destructive effects of industrial fishing operations.

Here’s a page from our book Animal Rescue where you get to rescue the turtle from its plight by simply turning the acetate page. 50p of the sale of each book goes to the Born Free Foundation.

Rescue the turtle: flip the acetate page

May 2015 – Endangered Species Day

Friday 15th May, Endangered Species Day, gives an opportunity to learn about the importance of protecting plants and animals which are threatened with extinction, and what actions can be taken to preserve the future of the species. Learn more by visiting www.endangered.org

May 2015 – Gramophone cover

The May issue explores the way that recording has transformed the means by which new music reaches new listeners and how the latest technology is offering composers more opportunities than ever before.

May 2015 – Sunday Times Style Magazine

To accompany a piece about cyber security, this illustration shows how internet users are exposing themselves online.

May 2015 – Vodafone icons

Vodafone wanted to enhance customer engagement by enriching their service app screen content so, working with the team at GreyPOSSIBLE, I helped to create a comprehensive set of taxonomy iconography, a selection of which can be seen below.


May 2015 – Communication Arts competition winner

‘Airport Food’, created for the Washington Post Travel Guide, has been announced as a winner of Communication Arts’ 56th annual illustration competition. Thanks to Amanda Soto for the commission.

April 2015 – World Penguin Day


Did you know their collective noun is ‘a huddle of penguins’?
Most penguins like to keep their distance, but if you are an Emperor penguin enduring the coldest winters, you choose to huddle together to keep warm. Keeping cosy also means keeping their feet warm, so they rock backwards on their heels, supporting themselves with their tail feathers, which have no blood flow and so lose no heat.


April 2015 – Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.


March 2015 – Brighton hosts WhaleFest

WhaleFest is the world’s biggest celebration of wild whales and dolphins, with all profits going to the World Cetacean Alliance. A star line-up of speakers, films, prose, comedy, exhibitions, music and inspiring activities for all ages in sunny Brighton, 14-15 March. www.whale-fest.com


March 2015 – Book launch

On February 18th we launched our latest book, Animal Rescue, at the Powell-Cotton Natural History Museum in Quex Park, Kent, in the presence of Will Travers OBE, President of The Born Free Foundation. The book was deemed a perfect fit with the ethos of the Museum which uses its natural history collection to help change the future for threatened wildlife worldwide. Researchers and conservationists visit the Powell-Cotton Museum year-round making valuable contributions to the conservation of the world’s most endangered species, and the Born Free Foundation is one such organisation. Will Travers used our book as a springboard to entertain the children with real animal rescue stories. Watch the video:

Photography by Zena Merton

March 2015 – World Wildlife Day

To help raise awareness for World Wildlife Day here’s an illustration highlighting this year’s key message: Wildlife Crime is Serious


To read more about wildlife crime please visit: www.bornfree.org.uk/wildlife-trade

December 2014 – Fish soup…

Here’s another teaser for our Animal Rescue book, out February 2015. Get your copy to help keep shark fins off the menu.


Credit again for the animation goes to Martyn Gough at Endless Projects.org

November 2014 – Latest illustrations

It’s been a busy year on the illustration front, and here’s a selection of what I’ve been up to for clients including Fidelity, Lloyds, New Scientist, Washington Post, Kiplinger’s and The London Magazine.

Cell phone wars – the major wireless carriers are battling for customers’ business (Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine)


The deep-sea mining gold rush – beneath the oceans lie rich veins of raw materials. And as new firms gear up to mine these deep-sea deposits, insurers are starting to consider the risks (Lloyds)

Green shoots – why reducing your environmental footprint is good for your stadium, your audience and Mother Nature (Stadia Magazine)


Infographic – showing readers’ favourite political drama tv shows (Johns Hopkins University Magazine)


View basket – the retail sector is entering a brave new world of digital shopping (Code Red Magazine)


Corridors of power – the energy produced by vehicles driving on our roadways is a potentially huge source of untapped electricity (Traffic Technology International magazine)


Dark matters – there’s a bright future for the road lighting market, with predictions of more intelligent solutions to deliver enhanced efficiencies and light when, and where, it’s needed (Traffic Technology International magazine)


What’s next? – a set of illustrations for a printed book + interactive application about megatrends in the financial world (Fidelity)

Topics included:
Google glasses: now we wear technology
Renewable energy
People over the age of 65 will soon be twice the number of children under five
Chinese consumerism will shape the world’s economic future





Medical gaming – how the science of games can be used against diseases like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (New Scientist)


Surgery with sound – going under the knife has to be one of our biggest fears and this technology could pave the way for surgery without making a cut (New Scientist)


Divorce – the trials and tribulations of the divorce process (The London Magazine)


October 2014 – Animal Rescue

Buy the book to rescue the tiger! Out February 2015.


Credit for the animation goes to Martyn Gough at Endless Projects.org

July 2014 – ESPN: Tour de France

Just finished a nice project for ESPN (the magazine and online) focusing on the 2014 Tour de France event, which included creating the opener plus a series of infographics dealing with almost every aspect of the race, including the women’s inaugural event where they finish down the Champs-Elysées ahead of the men on the final day.


June 2014 – 26 Characters

The Story Museum in Oxford is putting on an exhibition of portrait photographs of famous authors posing as their childhood literary heroes. To support this, Design by St have collated 26 commissioned poems celebrating these literary characters, and invited 26 illustrators to respond to each poem. The writers were given a letter of the alphabet to start their poem with, and the illustrators were asked to incorporate that letter in their image.

My brief
Your letter: Q
Your character: The Wicked Witch of the West, from The Wizard of Oz


The Story Museum is a charity that works to enrich young lives through story and storytelling. It runs educational programmes in schools and communities, including some of the most disadvantaged.

26 is a writers’ collective created to inspire a greater love of words.

June 2014 – Magical Transformations at Edinburgh International Book Festival

Tickets go on sale today for the Edinburgh International Book Festival and we will be appearing on both Monday 11 August at 10am and Tuesday 12 August from 10am.
You can book tickets here.

There are some big names also appearing, so why choose us? Well, if you enjoy thinking outside the box and using your imagination, then come along! Guessing games, group participation and plenty of hands-on activity plus a chance to create your own magical transformations.

Prepare to be inspired!

June 2014 – IATA Annual Review 2014

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines. Their latest report is designed for viewing on an iPad only, with each illustration acting as a section divider, 11 in total. Agency: Redactive Publishing, London.
View project

March 2014 – My Big Book of the Five Senses


My Big Book of the Five Senses is published tomorrow. This is a new format version of our five separate books on the five senses in one gorgeous compilation. We’ve stripped out some pages and reformatted it with a new, eye-catching cover which gives it the feel of a completely new book. No gimmicks, just beautiful illustrations packed full of suggestions for discussion and learning.

“The illustrations still flow together beautifully and children will enjoy finding all the ‘objects within objects’ in each scene” ReadItDaddy blogspot

Available in store and online for just £10.99.

February 2014 – Our début at Southbank Centre’s Imagine Children’s Festival

We were delighted to be invited to give a workshop at the Imagine Festival this February half term. “Exploring magic transformation” is an interactive and creative session using laminated cards and acetate sheets based on our range of books. Feedback has been very positive so far (“incredibly awesome”,”fab-u-lous”). For more information or if you’d be interested in a school visit please get in touch.

Here are a few photos from the day:


December 2013 – Season’s greetings!


December 2013 – The Independent on Sunday picks the season’s best picture books

Books_When_01The Independent on Sunday began a three-part series on children’s books for Christmas on Sunday 8th December. We were thrilled to see ‘When I grow up…’ featured with cover image. The book is described as being crammed full of the best sort of surprises and “Strong transparent pages, once turned, do wonders with what comes before and after”.

June 2013 – Oh yeah!

Following on from the success we had last year with Colours being awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Picture Book of the Year category in the Junior Design Awards, our latest acetate series book Oh No! has achieved the same accolade in their Novelty picture Book of the Year category.

This is what they had to say:

“We’ve all been there: watching in slow motion as our tumbler takes a topple, spraying liquid far and wide, or being sharply seized from slumber by a cacophonous infant caterwauling – Oh no, indeed. Presenting these everyday vexations and a few more surreal scenarios in a fresh, innovative way, each page depicts a happy scene, until all it takes is the turn of an acetate leaf and… Oh No! The purple wedge on a beach ball becomes a shark’s dorsal fin and a gargantuan gorilla escapes his cage. This simple, vibrantly illustrated read is brilliant for many reasons: its wordless ability to engage the reader; its innovative use of materials; its fresh, uncluttered illustration and, most of all, its sense of humour, perfectly pitched for preschool and beyond.”

June 2013 – Cincinnati Magazine

Below is an illustration to accompany a piece on how time is running out for a small, unassuming bar in Cincinnati, Jerry’s Jug House, which finds itself facing an uncertain future.

June 2013 – Creativity + computer science

Below is an illustration I did for the cover of XRDS Magazine, the ACM’s publication for students. The U.S.-based Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society. View cover

June 2013 – New Scientist

I was approached by New Scientist to illustrate a technical feature about the development of futuristic Tricorder devices (Star Trek reference for hand held gadget that can diagnose illness).

June 2013 – Microsoft Global Recruiting campaign

I was invited by the team at Cinco, Portland USA, to provide a range of illustrations as part of a new campaign for Microsoft Global Recruiting.

Entitled ‘Right Now’, the campaign storytelling breaks down into five themes about areas of work, such as natural user interfaces and cloud computing. Part of the brief was wanting an irreverent attitude to come through, to be fun, playful and provocative, without being glib.

February 2013 – New Market cover for Lloyd’s of London

Here’s the third cover in the series I’ve done for Lloyd’s which features the rise of Mexico as an economic power, attracting significant investment and insurance opportunities from around the world.

January 2013 – Rescue Night

I got to work with the great team at Inferno on a multi-channel campaign for RESCUE Night. The idea revolves around turning life’s little annoyances and unpleasantries into something more positive and looking on the bright side of these situations. This helps communicate the message that RESCUE Night helps you switch off any nagging thoughts and a racing mind so you get a better night’s sleep.

January 2013 – Health and fitness

January has seen me adding to the portfolio of work I’ve done for Men’s Health Magazine:

and also picking up Men’s Fitness Magazine where I got to illustrate a few of the myths surrounding fitness regimes:

January 2013 – New work for GQ

How Andy Murray could ace 2013 – GQ asked Björn Borg how Murray can up his game to secure a place in history. Clockwise top left: Use the forehand more / Stop pretending to be tired / Draw energy from the crowd / Dare to be more aggressive (GQ UK)

Yes, iMinister – the PM has commissioned a £20,000 iPad app to keep tabs on Whitehall. But what might Ed Miliband want on his? (GQ UK)

December 2012 – Wishing you an implausibly good Christmas and New Year!

October 2012 – The 5 Senses series

The last three books in our 5 Senses series were published this month and to give them that extra push for Christmas we have created some book trailers. Here’s one of them:

October 2012 – New illustrations

I’ve added some new work to the illustration section for clients including Drapers, Scientific American Mind and Lloyds of London – the latter was the cover I created for their long-standing publication ‘Market’ which has been short listed for the CMA best use of illustration award. The CMA is the professional body representing publishing and content marketing agencies in the UK.

October 2012 – Pushing Print 2012

Very happy to be supporting Pushing Print again this year by designing their programme for this year’s festival which is set to be the biggest yet. Taking centre stage is the Open Exhibition which features the work of 70 artists selected from around the UK, as well as the USA, New Zealand and Finland. There’s also a line-up of visiting artists and designers who will be giving talks and workshops around the theme ‘Applied Print’. On the 6th and 7th October it’s the Giant Print Event, a chance for the public to have a go at making prints with the help of a steamroller.

September 2012 – Collective nouns books

Having launched PatrickGeorge in 2009 with the publication of our first two books, A drove of bullocks and A filth of starlings, today sees the launch of an all new series on the same theme. Having created 40 new illustrations, making 80 in total, the books have been re-worked into animal, aquatic, bird and insect collective nouns. Below gives a flavour of what you’ll find.

A mob of meerkats

A party of rainbow fish

A confusion of guinea fowl

A plague of locusts

September 2012 – Buddy Wakefield, Factoryroad Gallery

I was invited by Factoryroad Gallery to contribute to an exhibition celebrating the work of US performance poet Buddy Wakefield who was performing at the gallery as part of his European ‘Gentleman Practice’ tour. Artists were asked to read and listen to Buddy’s work, and choose something – a whole poem, a line, paragraph – and make a response to it in their chosen medium. I took inspiration from a poem called ‘The Information Man’. With the sun having finally made an entrance, the idea of taking a train journey somewhere, anywhere, to the accompaniment of a harmonica, was very appealing…

“I have heard
that if you pull a bent breath
through the second hole of a harmonica
tuned to the key of Georgia
while a train moves by
on the tail end of dusk
there is a good chance
you will finally know
what it means
to rest.”

July 2012 – 10th Salon du Vintage

Must have done something right as I was asked to follow up last month’s poster with another celebrating the 10th Salon du Vintage which takes place in September this year.

June 2012 – Salon du Vintage, Paris

I’ve recently had the opportunity of working with Laurent Journo, the founder of Salon du Vintage, an annual indoor market in Paris devoted to vintage clothing and 20th Century home decor. The illustration I came up with will be featured on posters and flyers across the city to promote the event in July.

May 2012 – Architectural Lighting Magazine

I’ve been working with Michael Todaro at AL in the U.S. on a couple of commissions. The first is about venture capitalists flocking to lighting startups. The second accompanied an article about how architectural lighting design organisations hope that a new professional certification scheme will validate their emerging profession.

May 2012 – Junior Design Awards

We are delighted to announce that Colours got a highly commended for Best Picture Book of the Year in the Junior Design Awards, second only to the brilliant Press Here by Hervé Tullet. Opposites was also shortlisted for the category.

These are the only awards that “celebrate excellence in design and style for children” and we are chuffed to be rubbing shoulders with some great achievers such as Giles Andreae and Korky Paul, Oliver Jeffers and Barefoot Books, also shortlisted in the picture book category.

What they said about Colours: “With vibrant colours and clever overlays, this innovative book is a visual treat for young children” … “It’s a book filled with astonishing surprises…”

May 2012 – SHOP Magazine

SHOP Magazine, art directed by Steve Fenn at Studio8 and published by Global Blue, is the world’s leading shopping publication – printing over 3.8 million magazines in 90 editions across 28 countries, giving the opportunity for some of the most sought-after contemporary illustrators around to showcase their work. I was therefore very flattered to be commissioned for two covers in their upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 editions.

In common with all editions, the brief was to try to combine high-end fashion and luxury goods with a sense of the featured location.

April 2012 – Caterer and Hotelkeeper

The illo below featured in the UK trade magazine Caterer & Hotelkeeper to accompany a feature on how the hospitality industry can make money from live music gigs.

April 2012 – KPM Musichouse album cover

For something a bit different I was asked by Nathan Boddy at KPM to create the cover for one of their library music albums featuring classical music remixed in a dubstep style.

April 2012 – GQ Magazine: Fitness cheats

For this month’s edition I was asked to produce a set of illos to accompany a series of fitness tips devised by the American College of Sports Medicine, who claim 20 minutes of exercise, three-times-a-week will help you stay in shape and lose weight.
See more illustrations for GQ

March 2012 – Bologna children’s book fair

We’ll be in Bologna next week with these titles to show. Pop by and see us if you are there!
Hall 25, stand B84

March 2012 – The Big Issue

I enjoyed working with Mark Neil on a few illos for this week’s Big Issue – the cover dealing with what’s required to be a modern mum, and an inside feature revelling in the success Wales is having at the moment in sports.

February 2012 – A fine foursome

With Opposites and Numbers joining our existing titles of Colours and Shapes the core set of four is complete. View books

January 2012 – Radio Times illustration

Radio 4 Afternoon Play: ‘Coalition’ By Sarah Wooley.

A contemporary thriller set in the world of post-Coalition politics. Like most Liberal Democrats, Iris never thought she’d ever have a Cabinet post, and so has never worried about the past. But is it now coming back to haunt her?

December 2011 – Award win for PatrickGeorge

My illustration for GreenSource Magazine in the US has won the ‘commissioned illustration’ award from The Society of Publication Designers (SPD) annual illustration competition, SPOTS – a separate competition that the Society sponsors each year to champion the use of small-space commissioned illustrations (called ‘spot illustrations’) in editorial publications.

Clear and Present Danger – an illustration accompanying an article about the effort to make large glass-clad buildings more visible and thus less dangerous for migrating birds.

Judging took place in April of this past year and the panel of judges was a distinguished group of editorial art directors that included the Design Director of The New York Times Magazine, Arem Duplessis, The Design Director of Metropolis magazine, Dunjai Pungauthaikan, Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister Design, Tim O’Quinn of Money magazine, and information graphics guru Nicholas Felton. The competition was chaired by Criswell Lappin of Farenheit 212, former DD of Metropolis magazine. It is published in the Society’s Annual book of the best editorial design, photography, and illustration of 2010.

Many thanks to Francesca Messina and Ted Keller at GreenSource for the commission.

November 2011 – Sunday Telegraph review for ‘Shapes’

“The simple device of an acetate page between each spread turns ‘Shapes’ (PatrickGeorge, £8.99) from a concept book for toddlers into something special. A semicircle that is a whale on one page flips over to become a railway tunnel, a green triangle becomes a tree that turns into a yellow pyramid. Hypnotically absorbing.” View book

Sunday Telegraph, 27 November 2011, ‘Books for Christmas: Children’

September 2011 – New illustrations for Measuring Margate

Since we first posted news about Measuring Margate back in May, quite a few measurements have been submitted. Here are some of the illustrations we have produced to accompany them. See more illustrations

September 2011 – Book signing

We’ll be signing copies of our new early learning concept books Shapes and Colours
at Margate’s Turner Contemporary on 24 September between 11am and 3pm.
Hope to see you there!

A few reviews we’ve had already:

“Inspiring books, imaginatively produced and developed to engage and enrich young minds. The School Librarian

“It’s good to see novelty features adding value to the text… Too often flaps, pop-ups and other novelties are used routinely and unimaginatively.” Nikki Gamble, Writeaway

“It’s a fun way to introduce your child to the popular concept – and the powers of visual trickery.” Junior magazine

August 2011 – GQ Magazine: Share the love

My latest illustration for the GQ Talk section is for an article by Rebecca Newman about the secret of the ‘open relationship’ and the conundrum: is man meant to be monogamous? See more illustrations for GQ

July 2011 – Men’s Health Magazine

We’ve started working with MH producing illustrations covering a miscellany of indispensable tips and advice. See more illustrations for MH

July 2011 – Warming Words logo and icons

Warming Words is a Winter programme of activities and events for children and adults aiming to stimulate reading and the spoken-word in East Kent.

The events fall into three categories:
On the page: reading, writing, storytelling, play-writing, poetry and new media
Off the page: singing recitals, performance poetry, amateur dramatics and film-making
Outside/In: a variety of complimentary events, that encourage walking/talking and wrapping up in warm winter layers and taking in the salty sea air!

July 2011 – GQ Magazine: L’amour, the merrier

An illustration to accompany an article by Rosie Millard about how a new breed of libertin has got the Paris social scene swinging. See more illustrations for GQ

July 2011 – Two new books for September…

We’ve just received file copies of Shapes and Colours which will be published this September in the UK and two more will be published in February next year to complete the series. This new series of books (our ‘acetate’ series) is already proving very popular with foreign publishers and we have sold our first ever set of rights to France, Italy, Spain, China and Korea and look set to continue selling more into 2012! Our last book, Opposites, (published October 2010) caused quite a stir with its clever use of acetate so we decided to create a series and change the format slightly to be larger, squarer and hardback – all to enhance the reader experience. Numbers and the modified format of Opposites will appear on UK bookshelves next February.

June 2011 – ‘Opposites’ review in Junior magazine

On the flip side
Sometimes, altering one little detail is all it takes to make everything go topsy turvy. That’s the premise on which ‘Opposites’, created by design company PatrickGeorge (£5.99), works to ingenious effect. Each spread has a sheet of acetate with a design printed on it. Flip it one way and you get one idea, flip it another and you get the opposites. For example, for ‘sun’ there’s a pair relaxing in loungers under a shady parasol. Move the acetate sheet and that parasol transforms into an umbrella to keep off the rain. It’s a fun way to introduce your child to the popular concept of opposites – and the powers of visual trickery. Junior magazine – July 2011. View book

May 2011 – Measuring Margate

International artist Jenny Wiener has collaborated with Pushing Print, Margate on a new arts project. Measuring Margate directly engages with the ideas behind Jenny’s work which explores and questions the necessity to measure and quantify everyday life. We were approached to create the identity and website design for this innovative project, in which residents and visitors to Margate are invited to measure and quantify anything they see or experience and submit their measurements to the website. Site activity and measurements are recorded in realtime through a graph, pie chart and written comment, some of which we select to interpret through infographics and illustrations. The project is expected to run for a year and illustrations/infographics will be updated monthly. View site

April 2011 – Design Week

My work has been featured in Design Week in an article by Emily Pacey dealing with exponents of ‘intelligent illustration’ and featured a couple of the illustrations I’ve done for GQ this year.

April 2011 – Discover Thanet!

To coincide with the opening of the Turner Contemporary art gallery in Margate last week, a group of discerning locals, including journalists and writers, got together to produce a guidebook to Thanet, located on the East Kent coast. Entitled ‘Discover Thanet’, it invites you to, well… discover Thanet! We were asked to come up with a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate design and layout.

March 2011 – GQ Magazine: Bahrain Grand Prix

Commissioned before the recent civil unrest in Bahrain, this illustration appeared in this month’s GQ Magazine for an article dealing with how the Middle East is embracing global sport, with Bahrain being in pole position for the 2011 Formula One season.
See more illustrations for GQ

March 2011 – Dell campaign

We were approached by RKCR/Y&R to create a series of illustrations, based on their concepts, for Dell’s ‘Efficient Enterprises’ campaign which is running worldwide across all media. View project

February 2011 – The Big Issue

We had the opportunity to work with The Big Issue this week producing illustrations for an article by Fred Pearce, author of Peoplequake, which discusses how women are helping to diffuse the population bomb by having fewer children, as a result of better education, access to medical care and putting their careers first.

February 2011 – GQ Magazine: Cupidtino

The illustration below accompanied an article announcing the launch of a new online dating service for Apple fans. See more illustrations for GQ

January 2011 – Childcare Solved logo

Childcare Solved is a childcare agency serving East Kent. They supply fully vetted nannies and babysitters with a friendly, safe and reliable service. See more logos

December 2010 – Season’s greetings from PatrickGeorge!

December 2010 – Book cover illustration

Working with Nico Taylor at Little, Brown Book Group we produced this illustration for one of their non-fiction titles called Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by Professor Mark Williams and Dr. Danny Penman. Basing the visual on a ‘noise graph’ the cover depicts an urban environment making the transition to a more idyllic natural setting.

November 2010 – Clinical Collation Services identity and website

Sarah Wallace of Clinical Collation Services wanted a new identity and website for her growing business which assists solicitors acting in clinical negligence and catastrophic personal injury claims. Categorising, pagination and indexing are key to her role. We chose to reflect this in the design of her logo and website. View project

November 2010 – GQ Magazine: ‘Under the knife’

For the latest issue of GQ we were asked to approach the subject of cosmetic surgery as increasing numbers of men are opting for various procedures in a bid to look sharper for longer. See more illustrations for GQ

November 2010 – Toyota: Discover Magazine

We were asked by publishing agency Sunday to illustrate a magazine cover for Toyota. View project

September 2010 – Kent’s Creative Coast logo

Catriona Campbell is passionate about encouraging more people to discover the creativity that exists in many of the towns on Kent’s Coast and is championing a creative tourism campaign to do just that. She asked us to create an identity to encapsulate the creative energy in these towns that include Whitstable, Margate, Ramsgate and Folkestone to be used in a variety of situations including www.kentscreativecoast.co.uk, a website that will promote the opportunities to engage in a variety of creative pursuits in interesting venues whilst enjoying a short break in Kent. See more logos

July 2010 – Eyeform

Eyeform, an accredited consultant dispensing optician and ocular prosthesis specialist in the heart of London’s West End, approached us for a new identity. Kanti Fatania, owner and professional consultant, also specialises in the creation of bespoke artificial eyes. He wanted a logo that reflected the beauty of the eye and the beauty of his work. A new website is on its way. View project

July 2010 – New reviews

We got two good reviews recently: A filth of starlings and A drove of bullocks got ‘Editor’s choice’ in INIS (the Children’s Books Ireland magazine), and A drove of bullocks has made it into the glossy parenting magazine, Junior, as a good holiday read. Click here to read both articles.

June 2010 – New art gallery identity

Ingoldsby art gallery in Margate, approached us for a new identity. Renaming themselves ‘Margate Gallery’, they wanted a new logo for their shop front, website and stationery that reflected the simplicity of the name. See more logos

June 2010 – Nice things

We were asked to create the identity for a new gift shop full of ‘design-led desirable goods and other nice things’ for the home. See more logos

March 2010 – Design Week

Click here to read the preview of What’s in a name? by PatrickGeorge in Design Week’s blog by Anna Richardson on Friday 26th March, 2010.

March 2010 – What’s in a name?

Here is another collection of vibrant and visually witty illustrations by PatrickGeorge: 100 boys and 100 girls names brought together in one compact little book. It’s being launched at The London Book Fair in April, but you can request or buy a copy in stores now or pre-order online. View book

March 2010 – Tongue Tide

East Kent Live Lit is the live literature network for writers and artists in East Kent and Apples & Snakes is the UK’s leading organisation for performance poetry. Together, they have teamed up to create ‘Tongue Tide’ – a bi-monthly showcase of some of the most dynamic and talented performance poets from around the UK, hosted in Whitstable. PatrickGeorge were asked to come up with imagery to work across their promotional material.

March 2010 – Books For Keeps

We’ve got a great 4 star review for our book, Little Miss Muffet and other rhymes, in Books For Keeps – the March edition of the children’s book magazine. “Divergent, playful, innovative, quirky, expansive, are just a handful of the many adjectives that spring to mind after a first perusal of this deceptively simple book of rhymes…” Read review

March 2010 – Ben’s Bird Boxes website

The Shagpile is the name for Ben’s Bird Boxes’ new range of recycled bird boxes. Following on from his last range made out of old estate agent signs, Ben Dickens decided this time to put end-of-line carpet tiles to good use. PatrickGeorge created his new logo and website and gave the site the avian treatment it deserved. Site best viewed with sound on! View site

January 2010 – Communication Arts

We’re very pleased to have our books, A filth of starlings and A drove of bullocks, featured on the US-based Communication Arts website in their Exhibit section which showcases new and innovative projects in graphic design and advertising from around the world. They have also been selected to appear in the March/April 2010 issue of Communication Arts magazine, the largest international trade journal of visual communications. View article

January 2010 – Happy New Year!

December 2009 – ‘Splash’ page for iPhone app

ATS Heritage approached PatrickGeorge to develop an identity for their Talking Guides brand, which offers multimedia tours as downloadable apps to run on an iPhone and iPod touch. View project

December 2009 – PatrickGeorge hits the road

With some great reviews (view press) under our belt and the recent launch of our new book, Little Miss Muffet and other rhymes, we decided to take time out to travel round the UK visiting as many outlets as possible. We covered 2,000 miles in eight days, getting positive feedback along the way and notched up some sales. Back now and it’s business as usual.

November 2009 – Kate Greenaway Medal nomination

Our book A filth of starlings has been nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal which is awarded by children’s librarians for an outstanding book in terms of illustration for children and young people.

The selection process is organised by CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, which is the leading professional body for librarians and information managers with around 24,000 members who work in business and industry, education, local and central government, the health service, the voluntary sector, national and public libraries. The winning title will be announced in June 2010.

November 2009 – Along came a spider…

We have just published a new book of nursery rhymes – Little Miss Muffet and other rhymes. In fact this was the very first book we worked on, but not the first to be published. We thought now would be a good time given the current interest in nursery rhymes in the media and apparent waning in interest by the public. We hope that our contemporary and punchy graphics will give the much-loved and traditional nursery rhymes a new lease of life.

September 2009 – East Kent Live Lit

East Kent Live Lit is a network for writers, artists, producers and venues in East Kent who want to engage in showcasing their art through live performance. They approached us for a logo that should reflect this and were delighted with the result. See more logos

September 2009 – Lá du du

Lá du du (papaya leaf in Vietnamese) offers a private cooking experience to individuals and businesses where people can both taste and cook authentic Vietnamese food. This is a new logo for a new venture. View project

August 2009 – Love: Hate: Hope

Ramsgate Arts, in conjunction with PatrickGeorge and Retina Productions, launched Love: Hate: Hope: Ramsgate, a thought-provoking art installation using film of people talking about what matters to them about their town. The exhibition took over a disused shop space and invited people in to watch the film and air their views. View project

June 2009 – PatrickGeorge is born!

Here are two newly-published books by PatrickGeorge: one is a compilation of animal collective nouns and the other a compilation of bird and aquatic collective nouns. Both books are all about the visual. They are highly colourful, eye-catching, bold, graphic and witty and aimed at everyone – an ideal gift and educational on both a visual and content level – but above all, a bit of fun! Available for purchase online and in bookstores now! View books

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