Buddy Wakefield, Factoryroad Gallery

I was invited by Factoryroad Gallery to contribute to an exhibition celebrating the work of US performance poet Buddy Wakefield who was performing at the gallery as part of his European ‘Gentleman Practice’ tour. Artists were asked to read and listen to Buddy’s work, and choose something – a whole poem, a line, paragraph – and make a response to it in their chosen medium. I took inspiration from a poem called ‘The Information Man’. With the sun having finally made an entrance, the idea of taking a train journey somewhere, anywhere, to the accompaniment of a harmonica, was very appealing…

“I have heard
that if you pull a bent breath
through the second hole of a harmonica
tuned to the key of Georgia
while a train moves by
on the tail end of dusk
there is a good chance
you will finally know
what it means
to rest.”

© PatrickGeorge 2009-2019