Latest illustrations

It’s been a busy year on the illustration front, and here’s a selection of what I’ve been up to for clients including Fidelity, Lloyds, New Scientist, Washington Post, Kiplinger’s and The London Magazine.

Cell phone wars – the major wireless carriers are battling for customers’ business (Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine)


The deep-sea mining gold rush – beneath the oceans lie rich veins of raw materials. And as new firms gear up to mine these deep-sea deposits, insurers are starting to consider the risks (Lloyds)

Green shoots – why reducing your environmental footprint is good for your stadium, your audience and Mother Nature (Stadia Magazine)


Infographic – showing readers’ favourite political drama tv shows (Johns Hopkins University Magazine)


View basket – the retail sector is entering a brave new world of digital shopping (Code Red Magazine)


Corridors of power – the energy produced by vehicles driving on our roadways is a potentially huge source of untapped electricity (Traffic Technology International magazine)


Dark matters – there’s a bright future for the road lighting market, with predictions of more intelligent solutions to deliver enhanced efficiencies and light when, and where, it’s needed (Traffic Technology International magazine)


What’s next? – a set of illustrations for a printed book + interactive application about megatrends in the financial world (Fidelity)

Topics included:
Google glasses: now we wear technology
Renewable energy
People over the age of 65 will soon be twice the number of children under five
Chinese consumerism will shape the world’s economic future





Medical gaming – how the science of games can be used against diseases like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (New Scientist)


Surgery with sound – going under the knife has to be one of our biggest fears and this technology could pave the way for surgery without making a cut (New Scientist)


Divorce – the trials and tribulations of the divorce process (The London Magazine)


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