Oh yeah!

Following on from the success we had last year with Colours being awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Picture Book of the Year category in the Junior Design Awards, our latest acetate series book Oh No! has achieved the same accolade in their Novelty picture Book of the Year category.

This is what they had to say:

“We’ve all been there: watching in slow motion as our tumbler takes a topple, spraying liquid far and wide, or being sharply seized from slumber by a cacophonous infant caterwauling – Oh no, indeed. Presenting these everyday vexations and a few more surreal scenarios in a fresh, innovative way, each page depicts a happy scene, until all it takes is the turn of an acetate leaf and… Oh No! The purple wedge on a beach ball becomes a shark’s dorsal fin and a gargantuan gorilla escapes his cage. This simple, vibrantly illustrated read is brilliant for many reasons: its wordless ability to engage the reader; its innovative use of materials; its fresh, uncluttered illustration and, most of all, its sense of humour, perfectly pitched for preschool and beyond.”

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