Parents In Touch reviews Numbers and Opposites

Numbers by PatrickGeorge
I love this innovative and unusual series from PatrickGeorge. Each double page spread is separated by an acetate sheet – turning the sheet completely transforms the picture, often in a very amusing fashion. They give endless scope for discussion. Numbers is bold and bright – the eye-catching illustrations will attract young children’s attention. Ten fat flies flying around are gradually reduced to one – I love the clever twist whereby you can work out just where each fly went! A lovely book.

Opposites by PatrickGeorge
Opposites is just the right topic for this book from PatrickGeorge. 11 pairs of opposites each with a clear, acetate sheet between them which you flip to see the opposite. An apparently simple concept which works remarkably well. I think my favourite has to be the the bus queue for first and last, closely followed by the parrot in (or out) of his cage.The bold uncluttered illustrations are ideal for young children, who will find hours of entertainment in this book.

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