Design Week preview of What’s in a name?

Name check
Fri, 26 Mar 2010 | By Anna Richardson

Oh, the joy of simple graphic representations. When they involve an effortless play on words, quirky typography and a dollop of humour, they are pure pleasure.

Next month, design consultancy PatrickGeorge is publishing What’s in a name?, a collection of graphic interpretations of 100 boys’ and 100 girls’ names.

From Aaron to Will and Angie to Wendy, the names get an illustrative treatment by PatrickGeorge founder Peter Scott. They are revealed in a realignment of their letters, visually represented or just implied – making some enjoyably obvious and others tantalisingly obscure.

“One day I downloaded a list of names and took it from there,” says Scott. “I would work my way methodically down the list looking at the letters rather than the name itself. I wanted to keep it light and would sketch out the first thing that came into my head.” Some of the finished graphics were done in minutes, he explains, while others “kept me occupied for hours”.

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