Review of Opposites by Nikki Gamble

PatrickGeorge are quickly establishing themselves as a publisher of innovative, stylish graphic books with high production values.

The latest title ‘Opposites’ makes excellent use of the double page spread and flip over acetate to delight readers with a clever take on the concept of ‘opposite’. A big ball larger than a child becomes a small ball held between thumb and forefinger; an arrow pointing to the left becomes an arrow pointing to the right; a hot flame on a candle becomes a cold drip from a blue tap.

As a concept book, I would perhaps question some of the concepts: is rain actually the opposite of sunshine? But the effects are so cleverly achieved that I was more intrigued by the visual playfulness, than concerned about the conceptual accuracy. In truth I would be most inclined to share this book with older readers(9+) with a view to talking about colour, design and typography.

It’s good to see novelty features adding value to the text: the use of acetate is particularly apposite to the subject of this book. Too often flaps, pop-ups and other novelties are used routinely and unimaginatively. I look forward to seeing what Patrick George produce next. I hope they will continue to surprise and delight by finding innovative ways of expressing their ideas.

Nikki Gamble, Write Away

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