Wendy Cooling MBE

“Collective nouns have always been slightly crazy but two great new books, A filth of starlings and A drove of bullocks take it all a step further. These splendidly designed books are for art departments as well as English departments and should be in every school – yes, secondary too. The stunningly original graphics illustrate collective nouns old and new – I love ‘A flamboyance of flamingos’ and ‘An implausibility of gnus’ and, and… How rare it is to find books that are a joy to browse through, that can be looked at again and again – and if learning there must be, are great for growing vocabulary and creative thinking.”

Wendy is a children’s book author and founder of Bookstart, a national programme which gives free books to every child in the UK. She is also winner of the Eleanor Farjeon award, given in recognition of an individual’s contribution to the world of children’s books. In addition to being an author, editor, and reviewer, Wendy Cooling is a well-known consultant in the field of children’s literacy, and she often appears as a guest on radio and television programmes to discuss children’s literature.

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