PrintWeek December 2010: The Power of print

Push back the creative boundaries
Print may not have the ‘geek appeal’ of the latest digital multimedia toys, but from a creative point of view, the field has never been more exciting.

Children’s books
Peter and Ann Scott, who work as PatrickGeorge, are a creative husband and wife team who publish their own children’s books from an office in Ramsgate, Kent. Past efforts include the self-published A drove of bullocks and A filth of starlings but it’s their fifth and latest title, Opposites, that has seen them put a different visual twist to the PatrickGeorge approach. The book contains 11 double-page spreads of simple opposites or contrasting ideas (for example up-down; big-small; girl-boy; land-sea) with a 0.12mm clear PVC acetate sheet between each spread with a simple graphic printed onto it. That graphic, flipped from left to right, reveals the opposite. For example, the cover shows a candle (hot) and a tap (cold), with a blue tear shaped drop printed on the acetate. When flipped to the left, the drop becomes a candle flame and, against a deep orange background, the drop turns a warm colour. Flipped to the right, against a white background, it becomes the drip of water from a tap. The pair printed 5,000 litho copies of the book in China through World Print.

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