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Oh No!

A boy’s kite is stuck up a tree and the boy is up a ladder to get it. Can you guess what will happen next? Turn the transparent page and ‘oh no’ – he’s fallen off! An owl is up in a tree and he hasn’t noticed the cat licking his lips down below. Turn the transparent page and ‘oh no’ – the cat has got the owl. Children will laugh with delight as they watch the situation transform before their very eyes. By flipping the clear transparent page back and forth, they can create the action repeatedly.

Highly Commended Novelty Picture Book of the Year – Junior Design Awards, Junior Magazine, UK

60pp including 13 transparent pages
220 x 200 mm
Age: 3+

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This is a light-hearted book without words, designed to promote discussion and vocabulary building. It is a simple yet deceptively clever and fun book!

• Stunning and appealing illustrations to challenge an enquiring mind

• A book to enrich a child’s imagination and vocabulary

• The perfect gift book and fun learning tool