Publishers Weekly (US edition) – April 4, 2011


A Filth of Starlings: A Compilation of Bird and Aquatic Animal Group Names
PatrickGeorge. PatrickGeorge (IPG/Trafalgar, dist.), $12.99 paper (48p) ISBN 978-0-9562558-1-5
Stylish, high-contrast digital graphics (mostly silhouettes) from a British design firm playfully portray collective nouns for various animals, while brief, lyrical passages describe each specimen’s physical characteristics and behaviors. ‘A fever of stingrays’ is sleekly envisioned as a white thermometer, in which a red ray’s tail becomes the rising mercury. On another spread, a whale’s tail becomes a professorial figure’s mustache (he wears a graduation cap and glasses) for a ‘school of whales,’ and a tessellated design suggestive of Escher allows a ‘descent’ of abstracted woodpeckers to become a staircase. It’s a thoughtful and well-executed project, and readers should find the ways in which the names mimic and relate to their subjects illuminating. Available simultaneously: A Drove of Bullocks. Ages 7–up. (May)

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