Spring Literature Review of Animal Rescue from ‘The Literacy Tree’

We are big fans of Patrick George and the effortless way the illustrations work with the paper engineering to tell a story and raise complex issues to young readers in an engaging and ingeniously simple way. Animal Rescue is no different. Opening the first page, we are struck with the image of a tiger-skin rug. Peeling away the acetate overlay, we can free the tiger and return it to its natural habitat, where the clever addition of a smiling face and a poking-out tongue change him instantly from distraught to happy. Of course, the genius of the overlay is that it can easily work the opposite way around, depending upon how we turn the page, smartly raising the issue that it is humans’ own choice to hunt and entrap these beautiful creatures and it is up to us to free them. Whilst the issues are serious, the illustrations are never dark and there is a charm and warmth to George’s block print style. Our personal favourite is the crocodile-skin boot that o-so-cleverly overlays to become its body as we turn the page. With fifty pence from the sale of every book going directly to the Born Free foundation, who can refuse this wonderful text?

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