Supermarket News

I’ve been working with the design team that creates Supermarket News in the United States for over five years – here’s a selection of the work to date.

Cover illustration about how grocers are turning to e-commerce to boost their freshly prepared foods.

Cover illustration about Kroger and Albertsons, the two largest U.S. supermarket chains, announcing a deal to merge, sparking concerns with regulators because of its size and the impact it would have on the retail landscape.

Trucking issues: There aren’t enough truckers to get product to stores.

BeerVan – new beer delivery service.

Giant Food Stores cultivates kid-friendly environment.

Plant-based meat in the supermarkets.

5 step action plan being implemented for supermarket staff.

Promoting diversity with the supermarket industry.

Midwestern grocer plans a retail clothes department within a grocery store.

Walmart tests driverless cars for online grocery pickup.

Pharmacies to be tested as pickup sites for grocery brands.

Home delivery of groceries.

Amazon disrupts pet market with the launch of new brand Wag.

The out-of-stock situation caused by coronavirus panic.

Plastic battle hits grocery foodservice as stores search for eco-friendly alternatives.

Implementing a bronze, silver and gold program for meat and seafood products.

Amazon aiming to launch a new retail grocery store.

Sanitization process for shopping trolleys.