The School Librarian, Spring 2011


Opposites by PatrickGeorge
This is a beautifully produced book, aimed at toddlers, and those just beginning their adventure with books. It comes from an imprint fast making a name for itself in the design and production of books for this age range. This one, a witty and challenging exploration of the concept of opposites, follows on the heels of the highly successful nursery rhymes from the same imprint.

At just a little over A5, this book is perfectly sized for small hands, and explores almost wordlessly, the concepts of opposites such as hot, cold, big, small, up, down, first, last etc. illustrated in large flat areas of colour, clear simple diagrammatic drawings with just one word in bold on each page, creates a vibrancy of design and colour which is most attractive.

To allow the reader to explore and interact with the ideas in the book, the authors use see through pages imprinted with objects such as a tear drop shape which, when flipped over the candle page, translates into a flame, or, flipped over the opposite tap page, translates into a drip of water, thus creating endless points for discussion and interaction. This is an inspiring book, imaginatively produced and developed to engage and enrich young minds, don’t miss it!

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