“When I grow up…” The School Librarian, Spring 2014

A very simple idea cleverly executed and with a brand new slant. The endpapers, depicting a cityscape at night, have some very unexpected silhouettes that catch the eye: What’s Superman doing holding up the moon? What’s that giraffe doing there? Where’s that rocket shooting off to? What’s a sailing ship doing in the middle of the city? Aha, these are all clues to the choices the characters will make as we turn the pages of the book. Once inside, more unexpected things occur. Transparent sheets bring surprise after surprise as shopping bags become aprons, car bumpers become Superman’s mask, tennis nets become headbands.

The children featured in this book do not restrict themselves to your average aspirations such as train drivers, secretaries, builders, teachers nurses: they are far more imaginative than that. They want to be artists, scientists, superheroes, film stars, pilots, tennis players, pirates, zookeepers, astronauts and clowns.

There are opportunities galore for follow-up activities: paired reading, older pupils working with younger ones to make their own book, making lists of the pros and cons of various jobs, interviewing parents and people from the local community about their jobs, inviting the school caretaker to talk about his or her job, making a class book about hopes for the future… and so on.

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